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APELSA Activated Carbons feature optimum adsorption capacity. They are used in a wide variety of industrial applications to remove different contaminants from liquid and gas substances.


Water treatment in Mexico

Among the main Activated Carbon
applications are:

  • Municipal water treatment

  • Potable water treatment

  • Removal of dissolved organic contaminants, control of taste and odor problems

  • Removal of odor and color from different liquids used in food industry (juices, wines, vinegars, ferment processes)

  • Water chlorine removal and adsorption of dissolved organic contaminants

  • Removal of trihalomethanes (THM) and phenolics

  • Pharmaceutical products purification

  • Glucose and dextrose syrups decolorisation

  • Oil clarification

  • Retention of Fluor excess present in water used by food industry (soft drinks, brewery, dairy products) in order to meet standard levels

  • Removal of residual ozone and control of chloramines levels

  • Air treatment

  • Industrial vapors purification



Water treatment in Mexico

activated carbons

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