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Apelsa CAB-1000 Activated Carbons are high quality products manufactured from bituminous coal. They feature an optimum micropore volume, which is ideal for adsorption of small molecules.


Activated Carbon manufactured from bituminous coal


Apelsa CAB-1000 Activated Carbons offer optimum performance for water dechlorination and adsorption of organic contaminants such as solvents and phenolics that result from animal and plant rotten residues. They are also used to remove trihalomethanes formed as reaction between free chlorine and organic material dissolved in water that are cancer agents.

Other applications are: medicinal products purification, alcoholic beverages purification, liquids deodorization, and effluent water treatment with low-density contaminants.

CAB-1000 is very efficient for removal of taste, odor and ozone from water. It may also be used to remove suspended solids.

CAB-1000 feature high hardness that gives a better resistance to erosion. Can be used in fixed bed or mobile bed applications, with minimum losses during backwashing and regeneration processes.


CAB-1000 is packed in bags made of plastic coated polypropylene of 55 Lbs. (25Kg.) Can be manufactured in any particle size depending on the customers´┐Ż requirement and specific application. Most common size
is 12 x 40.


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Activated Carbon manufactured from bituminous coal

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