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Experience, Service, Quality and competitive cost are the fundamentals that make Apelsa one of the world's leading activated carbon manufacturers.

Core Competencies

Activated Carbons Manufacturing in Mexico


At Apelsa, highly qualified people with over 30 years experience are continually trained with a philosophy of continuous improvement to offer our customers the highest quality products and services.


Raw materials used in APELSA ACTIVATED CARBONS manufacturing: coconut shell, bituminous coal and cattle bones, are carefully selected and processed using the latest technology under strict quality and healthiness controls in every step of the process to get hardness and pore structure needed to guarantee the best adsorption properties. APELSA ACTIVATED CARBONS are submitted to different laboratory and efficiency tests to guarantee the product meets International standards. We can supply technical data or additional tests required by customer to certify performance and quality of our products.


Apelsa maintains proper stock levels to satisfy domestic and international market demand ensuring on time deliveries. Average lead time is immediate for products in stock and 10 to 15 working days for orders above 10 tons. Higher volume orders can be scheduled upon specific agreement with the customer.

Stock level available at Apelsa warehouse helps our customers reduce stocking costs and have the product on hand as soon as required.


Our products are supported by highly trained technical and customer service personnel, determined to help our customers with any information, tests, analysis, samples and further information requested.

Competitive cost

Apelsa has made a great contribution in reducing activated carbon importing into our country, offering a competitive cost to our customers in Mexico. We help them in cutting importing expenses such as freight, taxes, investment in large volume purchase orders and long lead times.

Same way, Apelsa offers a competitive cost for International market earning customer�s preference by doing specific negotiations to determine the best transaction cost and sales conditions ensuring a mutual beneficial, successful and long term business relationship with our customers around the world.

Activated Carbons Manufacturing in Mexico

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