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Along over 55 years, we have designed and built highly functional facilities for manufacturing, testing, packing, stocking and shipping our Activated Carbons to deliver them meeting our customer�s specifications and requirements.

Manufacturing Plant

Activated Carbons Manufacturer in Mexico

APELSA ACTIVATED CARBONS are manufactured at our plant located in Tonala, Jalisco, where the latest technology is used using carefully selected raw materials from animal and plant origin as: cattle bones, coconut shell and bituminous coal. Steam Activation process is performed meeting strict healthiness norms and environment protection rules.

Actual manufacturing capacity is 350 tons of activated carbons per month, being 70% from coconut shell, 15% from bituminous coal and 15% cattle bone. Additional resources and manufacturing capacity is available to increase production according to market demand.

An in site laboratory is available to perform analysis and quality tests that guarantee data presented in our technical sheets.

Resources and infrastructure are prepared for a continuous growth ensuring we maintain our position as one of the leading manufacturers of Activated Carbons worldwide.


Activated Carbons Manufacturer in Mexico

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