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FIJAFLUOR® is the trademark of an innovative activated carbon manufactured from cattle bones, under strict healthiness and quality controls in the process of obtaining HIDROXIAPATITA (tricalcium phosphate) and activated carbon.


Activated Carbon from animal bones, fluorine retention

FIJA FLUOR works through Ionic exchange based on its high porosity structure. When treated water or liquids go through its cavities, Hidroxipatita and activated carbon adsorb Fluorine excess to maintain approved levels.

Previous documented facts confirm that similar products to FIJA FLUOR have been used for many years in food industry, without reporting any toxic incident. Organisms such as GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) and U.S. FOOD & DRUG ADMINISTRATION (F.D.A) have issued approvals and specifications for these products utilization through the FOOD CHEMICAL CODEX (3rd Edition 1981).


FIJA FLUOR is an ionic exchanger. Carbon is obtained through the activation process of cattle bones specifically designed to remove fluorine and some other organic and inorganic compounds from liquids and fluids.

Retention capacity is 3 to 6 ppm of Fluorine per 20-40 g/Lt. of powder FIJA FLUOR or 60 to 120 grms. of Fluorine per Kg. of carbon.

Fluorine retention capacity depends upon particle size. Smaller particles provide quicker rates of adsorption due to larger surface contact and physical exchange ability. FIJA FLUOR can be manufactured in any particle size needed for each application being available for immediate delivery.


This product is designed for food industry application, especially for those industries using process water treatment such as soft drinks and brewing industries, municipal, state potable water plants and sugar refinement.


Designed for treatment of high volumes of water. Application is .70 oz � 1.7 oz (20 g � 50g) per 1000 lts. of water to be treated.


Exhibits high hardness. Can be used in fixed or mobile bed columns with minimum losses during backwashing and regeneration processes.


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Activated Carbon from animal bones, fluorine retention

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