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At Apelsa, each employee is responsible for efficiency in his work area. Services and products we offer, not only represent our company, but are always delivered along our personal commitment to quality and total customer�s satisfaction.

Our Philosophy

Water Treatment Solutions in Mexico


Be a leader in utilization and process of selected raw materials from animal, plant and mineral origin to satisfy Domestic and International Activated Carbons market demand.

We are committed to innovation in manufacturing technologies and excellence through a continuous effort and investment in research and development of new and improved products.

Dynamic and future-oriented management with a continued improvement philosophy to earn customers� satisfaction ensures Apelsa maintains a leading position in Activated Carbons marketplace.


At APELSA, we are responsible for the community we live in. We work with a culture of environment and natural resources protection. Our plant utilizes leading edge technology under strict quality and healthiness controls to manufacture different types of activated carbons minimizing impact to environment.

We know people remain the key to efficient operation, so a constant training program in processes and functions is offered to personnel to provide the highest quality products and services in order to reach the main goal of the company: �Total customers� satisfaction�.

Water Treatment Solutions in Mexico

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