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Apelsa offers different types of activated carbons in granular and powdered forms produced from cattle bones, coconut shell and bituminous coal. Apelsa Activated Carbons feature optimum adsorption properties for contaminants found in a variety of liquids and solutions.

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Water Purification Products in Mexico


APELSA can manufacture activated carbons in any particle size according to each industry application. Bulk package is 66 or 88 lbs. (30 or 40 kgs.) depending on the particle size and carbon type. Package material is laminated polypropylene that avoids spilling or contamination widely meeting international standards and requirements of packing and shipping.

Our product line includes:



Reactivation of spent activated
- Apelsa helps the customers that have to deal with saturated material by offering them the service of reactivation of spent activated carbons. This process offers significant advantages to an activated carbon consumer: The best environmental option available, removal of expensive waste disposal costs and reduction in operating costs as regenerated material is often less expensive than virgin adsorbent. Reactivation restores the activated carbon to a state where it is virtually identical to the properties of the virgin pre-cursor. This is done by performing the process of activation a second time rather than simply displacing adsorbed organic material by processing at high temperature. Average lead time for reactivated carbons is 15 days or according to schedule agreed with each customer.

Laboratory test and analysis - Apelsa offers a testing service for the evaluation of activated carbon samples in order to establish the condition of your activated carbon, giving a better understanding of the carbon depletion rate and helping in the planning of routine maintenance and plant refill schedules.

Technical Support - Highly trained engineers from our technical department are dedicated to help our customers with further product information required.

Water Purification Products in Mexico

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