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Carbon is the most abundant element on earth. Amongst the most common materials to get Activated Carbon are coconut shell, bituminous coal and cattle bones. These are the main raw materials used in the manufacture of Apelsa Activated Carbons.

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Activated Carbon Manufacturers in Mexico

Apelsa Guadalajara, S.A. de C.V. is a 100% Mexican company with over 30 years of experience in research and process of selected raw materials from animal, plant and mineral origin. Advanced laboratory techniques and the latest equipment are used by Apelsa under strict quality controls to manufacture activated carbons.

Apelsa has reached a competitive position amongst the manufacturers of Activated Carbon around the world thanks to its highly qualified people and a continuous investment in technology, research and development of new and improved products. Experience, quality, customer service and competitive pricing are the keys to get our main objective: �total customer satisfaction�.

Apelsa Guadalajara is part of Apelsa Group, with more than 55 years of experience in research and manufacture of protein concentrates. The Group was founded by Mario Lozano Gonzalez in San Luis Potosi state establishing a manufacturing plant there and growing fast to build two additional manufacturing facilities in the cities of Monterrey and Guadalajara, as well as sales offices in several important cities along the country.

Apelsa Activated Carbons are manufactured at the plant located in Tonala district, next to Guadalajara city, meeting performance requirements and complying with international standards of quality, service, packing and shipping to satisfy our customers needs around the world.

APELSA has proper infrastructure and resources to increase manufacturing capacity to the customers demand ensuring a continuous growth and permanence in the market of Activated Carbon worldwide.

Other products manufactured by APELSA:

Proteins for animal nourishment, Calcium Salts, canine toys, Antioxidants, oils for human ingestion, granulated and soluble Organic Fertilizers.

Activated Carbon Manufacturers in Mexico

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